Black veil brides the morticians daughter скачать минусовку

Многие люди не могут прожить и дня ни разу не послушав любимую композиция, возможно это караоке песня the morticians daughter - black veil brides в mp3 формате. Иногда случается, что песня понравилась, а разобрать слова невозможно. Для вас на нашем сайте можно найти текст песни или слова ,что позволит петь под минусовку и фонограмму

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I open my lungs dear I sing this song at rush. These lyrics heard a thousand times, just plush. A baby boy you've held so tightly, this pain it visits almost nightly Missing hotel beds I feel your touch. I will wait dear, a patient of eternity, my crush A universal still. No rust. No dust will ever grow in this frame, one million years I will say your name. I love you more than I can ever scream. We booked our flight those years ago, I said I love you as I left you. Regrets still haunt my hollow head, but I promised you I will see you again, again. I sit here and smile dear I smile because I think of you and blush. These bleeding hollow dials...this fuss. A fuss is made of miles and travels when roadways are but stones and gravel. A bleeding heart and conquer every crutch. We booked our flight those years ago you said you loved me as you left me. Regrets still haunt your saddened head but I promised you I will see you, We booked our flight those years ago I said I loved you and I left you Regrets no longer in my head, I promised you and now I'm home again, again, again, again, again. I'm home again.

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